He was with me every step of the way

Joel worked with me every step of the way. I was fully informed on my case. He frequently took my calls and if he couldn't take a call from me, he would call me later that day or the next. He got me full policy limits on my case. He treated me like family.

Lisa Ferguson---Former Client


Helped me even though I wasn't a client

Joel was able to help me out with an insurance company that was making things difficult. He did not make any money out of it, he just helped because it was the right thing to do.

Doris Stanish


I always knew what was going on with my case

Joel let me know what was going on with my case. He took my calls. He worked with me from start to finish. He answered all my questions. He was easy to talk to. I recommend him.

Briana Lunsford


An out and out great experience

Joel was always there for me. He made the difficult times less difficult. I'm glad he was my attorney.
---Future Client

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